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MC Hammer

Hammer is keeping up with modernity, he has a online blog where he posts messages & images of him and what he’s doing with life, here’s the link: – So incase you don’t know MC Hammer is dropping a new album very soon and he’s got a video for his latest single “Look” and I got the video to show you, it’s the last video below.

It really kills me to see such an Icon like MC Hammer drop a new album that doesn’t reflect his image. This dude was so huge in the early 90′s he has his own Saturday morning cartoon show “Hammer Man”.

The issue with MC Hammer is this – once you reach a crazy fame so fast you get sucked in this “Star System” format and what that is, it transforms your image into an iconography meaning everyone will know you as “You Can’t Touch This’ or “Hammer Time” and the issue here is that an artist who has been as successful as Hammer and then disappeares misses the spotlight.

So here is a comparison of MC Hammer’s old music vs. the new one which is absolutely hideous!!! But what can you do?

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